February 10, 2017

Theological Essay Submission Guidelines

The Episcopal Center for Embodied Faith (EF) is taking submissions all year long for theological reflection essays. Here are the details:

1. Theological essays of up to 1200 words on a subject where faith and our bodies intersect will be reviewed. This leaves a lot of room for exploration. For example, our first contributor wrote about her adoption experience through the lens of physical attributes and what it really means to be the body of Christ.

2. Reflection questions will be paired with the essay so that people can utilize this as a resource in their daily life or with groups. The author can include these questions with their submission or EF will come up with them.

3. The author will provide 2-3 resources that are applicable to their subject. For example, the author could give a book, a website, and a magazine article for further research.

4. The author will also provide a brief biography at the end of their essay.

5. The author will be informed when their essay will be posted and is encouraged to link to it and share with social media. Depending on how many submissions we receive and accept, EF may post one essay per month or more.

6. We do not have readily available cash to pay authors at this time. This is a new venture and we are trying things on. I hope to in the future, though!

7. There is a submission form on our Contact page or you can just email EF at:

8. Questions? Contact us via email (above) or through our Facebook page.

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The Rev. Danae Ashley is the Curator of The Episcopal Center for Embodied Faith and serves a church in Seattle, Washington.

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